Buying a house is one of the hardest things that a person will go through in life. It can be hard to navigate your way through the process and buying a house outright isn’t always the best option for everyone. If you have low income, a low credit score, or even no credit than renting to own a home might be the better option for you. How does rent to own work though? After this guide you will have the knowledge to be on your way to owning your own house!

4 Easy Steps Get Started Renting To Own Your Home

1. Credit

2. Find Your Dream Home

3. Be A Responsible Home Owner

4. Get Started


The first step to purchasing a home, whether your purchasing it the typical route or through a Rent To Own option, is to find out where you stand with your credit. Your credit score is very important in determining what your options are, whether you can get a loan, or whether rent to own is your best option.

Find Your Credit Score

You will need to know where your credit stands before you move forward with any option. A good credit score will put you in a better position to get a loan to purchase a house and give you a better APR on your loan. Knowing your credit score will also help you determine if you should rent to own instead.

To get started checking your credit we suggest using Click Free Score. Just visit their site and fill out the form to instantly receive your current and up to date credit score from all three bureaus.

Credit Repair

Now that you know your credit score, how does it look? If it isn’t exactly where you want it you may want to consider credit repair first. Using a credit repair service can boost your credit score back into a range that will make it easier to go the traditional route of purchasing a home with a loan.

Talk to a credit repair specialist today to get good credit again!

Rent To Own

If your credit score is low, or you have no credit, and if credit repair is too daunting of a task for you, then renting to own is going to be your best option. Rent to own is great for people who cannot go the traditional route of home ownership but still want their hard earned money to show for something instead of it just going to the landlord with nothing to show on your end.

One of the best places to get started on your rent to own venture is “First Access Rent To Own”. Visit them right now, fill out the form and get in contact with a Rent To Own Specialist to figure out what path best suits you to become a home owner as soon as possible!

Find Your House

The next step and the most important of this whole process is finding your Dream home to move into. We highly suggest using one of these websites to find your new home:

First Access Rent To Own: Get help finding your current credit standing and find rent to own listings near you today!

Hidden Listings: Another great option when searching for Rent To Own listings. 10/10

Be A Responsible Home Owner

Now that you have purchased your house you just need to do everything that a responsible home owner does. Pay your bills on time to make sure you keep your house. Paying off more than your monthly bill is a great idea to own the house sooner than you would otherwise. Make sure you keep up on your property maintenance as well!

Get Started

You should now be equipped with all of the information that you need to becoming a successful home owner. All that is left now is for you to take the initiative to get the process started. Click the button below and get the process started to owning the home of your dreams right now!!